Sunday, 16 April 2017

We cannot negotiate with people who say what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable

Not that your mental health should be negotiable, when it comes to mental illness, I find people tend to have a double standard approach when it comes to dealing with different people and their experiences. What is someone else's pain is viewed as 'crazy', but your own mental illness isn't as 'bad' as theirs and vice versa. One persons erratic behaviour ridiculed, but when you are in pain its valid. 

Word of mouth is easier to lose the actual respect and help someone who is suffering mentally deserves. Just say you were seeing someone and you dont seem to have the emotional capacity to understand when the person is ill to who they are when they are well. You dated for a few months and you see a huge change in behaviours. They become isolated, pushing you away and so forth. These are warning signs. You then go to the house to end things as you suffer yourself mentally. But because they aren't showing the same struggle you would show when you are unwell, you start to view them as 'crazy'. Friends ask what happened, you just say they are 'fucked' ect. Really negative labels even though the person suffers as well, just not in a way you know. So anything different to you is viewed as madness. 

We see the double standards of people in front of us, daily. We can be scrolling social media and see someone you know in the past has labelled someone negatively who has a mental illness. Then just say a celebrity for example has taken their own life, we will see the said person post about how sad it is that this has happened. Its just contradicting in itself. Why support someone you dont know, but as soon as a mutual friend slips up mentally they are outcasted. 

As soon as they slip up, they will say its valid for them to react the way they did. As soon as you display different behaviours, they will say you crossed their boundaries EVEN though when they were in a dark place, you stood by them and never questioned their behaviours they showed during their break downs. 

We cant have double standards when trying to help and consider everyone who has a mental illness/ health issue. The more we read up about what happens when they are ill and the more we listen to the person experiencing it, the more we can move forward and band together in a safe community environment. We cant just disregard someone who needs help because they didn't behave the way you wanted during a time of crisis. How would you feel if you were on the receiving end of the double standards you live by? 

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