Saturday, 8 April 2017

New Age 'Spirituality' & Mental Illness

Spirituality is centred on the 'deepest values and meanings by which people live'. Spirituality is believed to be a path someone is destained to be on. Its your own form of 'the meaning of life'. I am a firm believer in spirituality. But something lately has been grinding my gears. Its the concept of contemporary spirituality. The types of spirituality people practice which can turn you quite selfish, extremely vain and very smug. Something I do believe is the opposite of being a kind, compassionate and authentic spirit. 

New age 'spirituality' (conscious science, positive energy ect) is something I want to bring to the table. Before I make some points, everyone is entitled to the opinion and belief system. I would never ask anyone to change their beliefs to suit mine. I will challenge, but never force someone to believe every opinion I have on something (unless its my own lived experience of my mental illness, then I will be disappointed if you cant see/believe the honest truths about my struggle). If they are happy in what I believe is a warped perception of reality, then I will accept that you are happy on that path. Some things I have read in conscious science have resinated with some beliefs I do have. Majority though, majority of the spirituality side of it, I do believe people use as an excuse to excuse hurtful behaviours and ignore past events. When you ignore hurt and suffering, that is when your spirit will not only wound you, but also someone who cares for you. 

Recently, someone I met claimed to have some spiritual beliefs and a 'strong' intuition about things. The way she left me stung like a bitch. She wished me luck on my 'journey', like I was just some object she had her 'experience' with. She is now running away from the state she left me in and I have used my energy to make amends countless times. I viewed this as a cop out, run away journey she was on. I believe in order to embrace your spirituality, you have to dig deeper and feel the negative energy in order to heal and embrace the positive. But she used the 'we are on different paths' to ignore the hurt that was caused. This is an example of spirituality and 'journeys' being used to ignore hurtful behaviours. The escapism can be costly. 

My frustrations really peak when I see people sharing quotes about being spiritual to really justify their behaviours. Said person hurts said person. The spiritual believer believes the person that they hurt didn't bring any 'positive' vibes towards their energy they are trying to embrace on said path. Running away when you have hurt someone is not a sign you are a 'free spirit'. Its a sign of cowardliness, and can really interfere embracing your true soul. 

Another example of how I believe this new age spirituality is just another cop out to project superiorness to people suffering is through something I read recently:  If you suffer, it is because of you. If you feel blissful, its because of you, only you, and you alone. You are your hell and your heaven too. 

Some of this I can understand. You are accountable for your actions at the end of the day. I think a show of true spirit and character is how you deal with things when they really go pear shape. You can be the brave one and face it head on. Or you can be the sheepish person who runs away from things to temporarily band aid on going problems you have not dealt with in the past. But the 'if you suffer, its because of you' is something I dont agree with, especially when I live with a debilitating illness. Suffering can be caused by many things such as biological, psychological and environmental. To suffer is not a 'choice'. You dont choose to suffer sometimes, people just live in a state of despair and agony. They try their best to mend their spirit by facing the demons, but the demons are there regularly. And that is not by choice. That is not because of something you have caused. 

In conclusion to this, my firm beliefs at the end of the day a spirit is someone who knows who they are, embraces all kinds of characters on the same level and someone who can be a leader without patronising others in order to feel some kind of power play. Treat everyone with respect, dignity and integrity. Stand tall with your morals and beliefs, but of someone doesn't always agree with you then that is okay too. Spirituality is about embracing all energies, not just taking in the positive. With negative energy you learn. When you feel things, you grow. When you run away, you not only hurt yourself, but you hurt others in the process. Practice what you preach by all means, but do it in a way where people can really think about things. Stop using your spirituality as an excuse to justify your hurtful behaviours and not take accountability for your actions. 

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  1. well i don't want to argue but we have a right who we interact with. A "No Thank You" could be a response.