Monday, 13 March 2017

Actions will AWLAYS speak louder than words

A lot of people I have met along my journey battling my mental illness/suicide ideation spend a lot of time preaching morals and values similar to mine, but when it comes to push and shove, or the time of need when someone is in a crisis, they will do the complete opposite of what they say. Now for all those people who know me or are close to someone who suffers mentally, you will know that when we get severely ill, it can be quite confronting and hard to deal with. We understand that. But I am a mental health advocate who speaks about my mental illness on the daily. I am the person who's actions show through when people need me the most. I write to help everyone understand the inner depths and darkness of mental illness  in general. 

 People spend time wanting people to know they are a good person. No one wants to present themselves or think of themselves 'badly'. This is all well and good. The most important thing is to remember that you have to practice what you preach. If you go around telling every one of your good morals and values, then your actions show other wise you don't have them, then the person who is on the receiving end of the conflicting behaviour is going to be upset. Yes, you may have to put yourself first. Yes, you may have a mental illness that clouds your judgement and you can't see past what is going on for you at the time. Everyone can do that at times. Its afterwards or during the moment where you have the power to consider others and show them you care. Wether it be a message, a phone call or a small gesture to show them you do stand by the words you fed them at the time. 

Another thing I would like to point out and that baffles me, is people having a profession in the mental health field. I have met people over my years who claim to 'understand' mental illness and be strong advocates of mental health, but for their own selfish reasons, have left people like myself or others in the dark during crisis. Wether it be a degree in Social Work, Mental Health and Psychology, at the end of the day its just a piece of paper. Your actions will show and your persona when it comes to helping someone. You should support mental illness every day, not when it suits you. People who support mental illness will support anyone they come across who is mentally impaired in society. I believe to be successful in these fields you also have to practice this in every day life. Treating mental illness fields as 'just a job' is what is wrong with the system. I know you can't save everyone, but there are very small actions people can practice to reduce the emotional turmoil people may be feeling at the time. 

The moral of this post is don't offer your support with words, then when someone really needs you abandon your morals by your actions. I know people who do that to others, people will question their nature. I think that is only within reason. Practice what you peach, be supportive of mental illness by showing people and use these skills in every day life. You will become a stronger person and you will watch your life become more meaningful. Displaying compassion and empathy in every day life is what keeps people who suffer around and makes them feel accepted in society. Isolating them and feeding them words creates more emotional turmoil. 

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