Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Half Empty, Half Full

I have written a short summary of my battle with BPD, as well as details into my personal life with the battle. All written for education purposes, there is 19 pages of my perspective, views and experiences with this disorder. hi lighting everything from my abusive childhood, all my relationships, my views on stigma and Suicide ideation as well as what I think needs to be done to improve supplying help for people who have BPD. This is a draft, a friend is editing and publishing it in the near future. I hope to send this to foundations, universities and mental health facilities so they can read about my experience and hopefully cater to the needs of the growing demand in helping people who suffer this crippling illness. Feel free to send feedback, if you have a personal opinion that is constructive please share. Everything I have written in here is honest and done with courage, so I don't have time for people to put me down. I am hoping it can also help people who want to work in the mental health field, as well as changing people's perspectives who are currently working in the mental health field. Thank you in advance for anyone who gives it a read, I am using my voice to make a big difference of a very misunderstood disorder. Click link to DL for free below

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