Monday, 7 November 2016

Paranoid android

Paranoid thoughts can make up a lot of unwanted scenarios in your head when you are mentally ill. They are thoughts of a suspicious nature in which you may believe, with no little evidence, that something is wrong, that others are angry at you, or that other people's intentions are bad. These thoughts are believed to be psychotic in nature, but unlike schizophrenia, bpd paranoid thoughts only last up to ten minutes-hours instead of weeks and days. They are trigger by stress in interpersonal natures. 

My paranoid thoughts tend to happen when I feel someone coming in too close. When I feel that person is angry at me I tend to dissociate and start hurting myself. I blame myself for trusting the person too much and as soon as conflict arises with us that is when I start to flip out. I feel like I deserve to attract these type of people who I let hurt me. I either presume they want to hurt me or take advantage of my kindness. 

A way to look at paranoia is a form of judgement. You have already decided that anyone who is close to you has intentions of hurting you or intentionally trying to harm you. Ways to avoid these thoughts are practices such as your top five. 

Your top five involves thinking about the five automatic things you think about in paranoia. People find they produce the same paranoid thoughts which is a good thing as it's being self aware about the thoughts. These thoughts are often judgmental, black and white, catastrophizing, or very confusing. Its vital to be aware of the thoughts so you can catch them in the moment. 

Then there is sticking to the facts. In my experience I have been correct about most of the paranoid thoughts. You have to ask yourself what evidence you have and what are the facts of the situation rather than making your mind about before finding out or experiencing it. 

Label the thoughts as 'worry thoughts', 'paranoid thoughts', 'future thoughts' and 'past thoughts'. This helps prevent behaving on the thoughts and you can gain some mental clarity. 

Paranoid thoughts can be hard to decrease in states of psychosis. I know there are times I dwelled on the same paranoid thoughts to the point I felt sick. Sometimes those thoughts have been very real due to my intuition and being able to read people quite easily. I practice these steps to avoid being stuck in a state of psychosis as that is when I am at my most dangerous of hurting myself. 

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