Friday, 21 October 2016

You can't choose your audience

I watched a documentary this morning on young people who have eating disorders and self harm. One girl in particular was using a blog to post about her self harm and express how she was feeling. Some people would comment back saying she's 'a mental case' and people even went to the extent of telling her to end her life. The camera then focused on her Father speaking about finding her when he came home dead in her room. She had hung herself. Her parents believe the dangers of the internet had pushed her to do so. I believe that as well. 

Your social media platform should be a safe place where you can openly be yourself without the worry of judgement and bullying. When you put yourself out there and are vulnerable in that way, it can lead to some bullying and belittling. Some people may think they had harmless intentions but thats what a bully does, does not allow people to express or sit back and try see it from their point of view. The will attack before being like they might have a valid point. 

I wish I could of sat back and allowed to read what I read. But the difference here is I didn't betray or hurt someone. I find it highly offensive that people i that social circle find my mental illness something to joke about and to label all this things because of the lack of education and ignorance they hold. What they don't seem to realise when you go onto a blog that is used for education and insight, when you leave comments that you know will trigger can end in a self harming episode. That is facts and reality, not just someone using empty threats to regain power of the situation. 

This is what is dangerous for people who suffer mentally. Their days consist of a wide range of episodes, traumas and small things that they have to find the strength to try control or stay safe with. It would be nice if they could be respected in that way to be allowed to post what ever they want, regardless of the content. I sent pictures of  my self harm to you in trust you wouldn't view it as crazy or not normal. But yet again you proved stigma is still something you are driven by. Not actually taking time out to educate yourself (not by google) but actual platforms such as Borderline Personality Disorder Australia or maybe for once viewing the persons feelings as valid. 

I commend anyone who lives with this disorder or any disorder and is honest with who they are. To come forward with something thats so foreign to a lot of people even though mental illness is so common, is a huge deal. The things I am doing are saving peoples lives and making them want to take the steps to help themselves more, just like I have spent my 5 months doing. I will not let you strip that from me. I will let you express but I will not sit back and let you define me by a one off blog post. I have every reason to be as upset and angry as I was considering everything I was put through.