Thursday, 6 October 2016

End of BPD Awareness Week


That's a wrap of BPD awareness week. Thanks to all my friends who support me constantly, I really wouldn't be on the road to recovery without your help. To everyone who assumes and judges me by word of mouth, I hope one day you may have the curiosity to sit down with me and actually want to know everything I have been through. My feelings are valid and I don't over exaggerate my history of suicide and self harm. We are 10 per cent of the Suicide rate which is the highest in mental disorders and we also have the highest unemployment rate for mental illness. To the people who have taken stuff on board, you are helping reduce stigma and spread awareness by taking your time out to be educated. To anyone who's put me down, hurt me and made me feel extremely small, I needed that to build myself back up so thank you for that experience. I hope someone this week got some insight into the painful world of BPD 

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