Thursday, 27 October 2016

Don't let anyone else's vision of you define you

Labels. Labels are everywhere. Labels are on clothes, jars, food, drinks. Which they should stay on really. In this day and age though, everyone labels people to make themselves feel more superior and comfortable. You forever have to justify who you are and what you are by giving them a label e.g: Are you a lesbian? Are you gay? Okay if you aren't either what do you define your sexuality as? It really shouldn't matter. Unfortunately we live in a society that has to know you by a label rather than a person. 

This happens with Mental Illness too. If people know of your diagnosis they will focus more on the when you are ill part then you as a whole. They have a vision of you. A vision of how you are suppose to be so you can cater to their needs, not your own. People can be so self absorbed that they cannot see you for who you really are. Who you feel you really are and know. 

For so long over my time having BPD I let the negatives of my behaviours define me and because people were putting me down for it I just couldn't see any other good in me. They wouldn't want me at events incase I had a panic attack or started to be over whelmed which would result in an episode. 

I am not what other people say I am. I think what people need to do is instead of listening to talk and word of mouth is directly go to the person. Take time to get to know them. I know the negative things people have said of me do not define me. The people who have taken their time out to be close to me and know my story know I am not my anger, pain, suicide attempts, sadness. I have so much to offer and I am glad the right ones can see that. 

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