Sunday, 9 October 2016

Don't define us by a google search


Yesterday I was googling interesting articles on Borderline to give me some blog writing inspiration. Most articles were articulate and very informative. Then you have the dull, highly offesensive and the very informative articles about Borderline. The 'horror' stories from ex partners telling everyone to get out of a relationship with someone with BPD, to the 'crazy' and 'psycho' people who have borderline. 

While I read these articles I get severly angry and frustrated. One reason being these articles are the exact reason why BPD struggles to be normalised and why we struggle to reduce the stigma around it. I have read an article by psychologists painting BPD in a very bad light when it is their own profession to help people suffering this crippling illness. 

What people need to be doing is asking the person who has BPD the ins and outs of the disorder. What it is like for as on the daily to try live with it. What helps us and what upsets us. What they can do to be more educated and how to understand better. So many simple solutions but people would rather believe these unhelpful and argumentaly wrong articles. There is no evidence or grounds to support these articles stating we are horrible to be in relationships with and that we are impossible to help. Helping someone is never impossible, you just have to want to take those steps to help someone like us in need. 

Telling someone who has BPD you love and care about them are a very start to being helpful. Once someone can see that you do care about the BPD person as you conastantly show them you do through your actions, the person with BPD will start to want to take those steps to get help. 

Stop believing and making assumptions about everything after reading articles on google. Listen to the person who has lived experience. 

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