Saturday, 24 September 2016

Zottie Dottie Interview & Unleashed Festival

Yesterday I got to meet Zoie Carroll finally who runs the organisation known as Zottie Dottie. Zottie Dottie shares stories of inspiring individuals who have over come adversity and organisations who are making a positive impact. 

The Zottie Dottie focus is to reduce any stigma associated with mental health by showing people what its really like for people behind the scenes. 

My short video will be on the website in the following week. I will upload my interview when its done. Zoie was an amazingly warm and gentle person and I am happy I got to spend the day with someone who has a lot of insight and knowledge for what its like living with BPD/any mental illness. 

She was over in Melbourne attending the unleashed festival. I heard some amazing speakers and its made me want to do a lot of things for people suffering with BPD across Australia. I am excited to plan something and make a safe haven for people with BPD where they can come together and share stories with each other in a safe environment. 

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