Tuesday, 27 September 2016

We need to stop using the terms 'crazy' and 'psycho' when describing the mentally ill

In the years I have been suffering with my diagnosis, all I know is people start referring to stereotypes such as 'crazy' and 'psycho' when they don't understand something. So when I was displaying confronting behaviours they weren't familiar with, it was easy to say 'Carissa is such a psycho' or 'Do you know Carissa? She is crazy'.

People will deny ever saying these things about me but I have heard, been told and seen people say these things about me as well as other people I know suffer mentally. What they don't understand is the discrimination caused when you use these terms to describe the mentally ill. The mentally ill are trying their very best to fit into what society labels as 'normal'. So when you use these terms, it makes them feel isolated and out casts of what you accept as a social norm. 

People view someone who has a mental illness as 'over reacting' when they are classed as crazy or over sensitive. What people don't understand is that using these terms can trigger them in any way and just because you don't seem to get it, its still damaging to just chuck the mentally ill into one category. There is nothing crazy about having a sick brain or not being able to cope with the amount of pain that comes with having an illness. Its 'crazy' for someone to go to hospital with suicide ideation but if they were in there with traumatic injuries from another accident you wouldn't label them with these terms. 

There are times I have been labeled crazy after wanting to end my life and those words I do carry. Some days I know its easy to shut them out and not view myself as that, but when we live in a world where everyone is scared to open up about mental illness it is hard not to question if you are a 'psycho' or 'crazy'. 

The only crazy thing I see is people using these terms to describe someone suffering so severely. So please, next time you go to describe someone you may view as crazy, ask yourself if they really are or you are just succumbing to the stigma created in this world? 

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