Monday, 26 September 2016

The Uneasy 3 The Oz Project

'the unEASY 3' with Carissa Wright
1- What is the hardest thing you have had to overcome?
Accepting some people don't understand and cut me out due to not understanding/not being able to handle my high risk ideation and self harm. That is difficult as it creates stigma for me and I have to keep myself a float so I don't give up all together. 
2- What has helped you overcome it?
First I had to see their perspective, even if it was hurtful and impacting me deeply. I know I am not made for everyone and some people will focus on my behaviour more then the emotional aspect of someone who suffers from BPD. What helped me over come it was the people who still loved me regardless of my behaviour when I was suicidal, the people who could acknowledge I was ill and not just acting out for the sake of acting out. 
3- If you could leave just one bit of advice on to future generations, what would it be?
I will not romanticise living with Borderline, as anyone who suffers knows how difficult it can be to function in society and be accepted instead of isolated. What got me through is ignoring the opinion of other people and the people who left you when you needed them the most. Concentrate on the people who dropped everything to make sure you stayed alive and got through the over whelming emotional pain you were feeling at the time. I also encourage people suffering with any mental illness to stay here and speak out, you are the people that are going to bring all the mentally ill together and reassure them that opening up does help. If you open up to the wrong person, keep opening up and talking to people because you will discover the right ones along the way.

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