Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Loving someone who is mentally ill


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When a relationship breaks down, I know most people want closure and an understanding of why it didn't work out. When someone breaks up with you specifically, you tend to ask yourself what you did wrong and if you were the issue because of your mental illness. 

I started finding sources on google. Some were helpful and majority of them were very offensive and fragile. They were suggesting to go to therapy with someone who has an illness, and if they had disorders such as BPD or narcissist personality disorder they were told to 'run'. Reading this just felt wrong and made me feel ashamed for having a mental illness. It made me devalue myself, question my worth and made me feel like I was unlovable and I was the issue when it came to people leaving me. 

This is why I do write and I do speak about my illness is for these very reasons. We need to reduce stigma around mental illness and put into practice the skills to love someone and care about them regardless of what diagnosis they may have. I am not saying you have to love someone with a mental illness, but all these articles you may come across about how difficult it is to be with someone suffering isn't always the case. EVERY relationship can be difficult, no matter who you are. 

I think to have a successful relationship with someone suffering or anyone in general is communicating how you feel, being honest in what you do and compromising. If you don't understand something ask them or show them support. Its not that difficult to love or accept someone who has a disorder. 

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